Cobra Carbide


We are constantly looking for new talent to work for us. Cobra Carbide welcomes applications from ambitious, hard-working, smart individuals from any part of world.

Please see below to see our current requirements (You may still email us your resume for future requirements):

Engineer - Metal Forming

Minimum 4 to 7 years Experience in Sales of different Metal Forming Equipments including:

  • Press Breaks
  • Shearing Machines
  • Turret Punch Machines
  • Plate Rolling and Plate Straightening Machines
  • Laser Cutting machine
  • Pipe bending
  • Wire Bending Machines
  • Water Jet cutting Machines

Experience with similar sales organization / OEM with a good sales record are also required.

Position is in-house at our Riverside, California offices.

No applications will be considered outside the continental United States.

  • Number of position : 2
  • Contact Person :Patrick
  • Phone :09871688964

You can email us your resume to