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The company has deep roots and a rich history in the tool manufacturing world; we were founded by Rakesh Aghi in 1989 who is still our CEO and the guiding influence in all we do. Mr. Aghi started the company in the late 80’s as a distributor dealing in high speed tools from overseas and selling to catalog houses. He had operations in Singapore, Germany and India in addition to our U.S. based operations.

As the industry changed so did we, in 1998 we purchased ICCT (International Carbide Cutting Tools) in Chicago, IL and began manufacturing high speed and carbon tools. In 2013, we purchased Pilgrim Cutting Tools (aka BWB Cutting Tools) out of Plymouth, MA and continued growing the organization. In late 2016 we sold off all overseas operations and brought all tool manufacturing to the USA. This is our home and we understand the importance of MADE IN AMERICA.

Mr. Aghi continues to manage the strategic direction of Cobra Carbide as our CEO and has begun investing in additional manufacturing capabilities. This year we’ve added 3 additional Walters to the inventory with 3 more planned for years end. As we continue to grow the organization we plan on continuing to grow our inventory, our deliverycapabilities and finding innovative ways to improve our operations and meet the needs of our customers.

Cobra Carbide is the premier provider of Solid Carbide Endmills, Drills, Reamers, Burrs, Inserts and Made to Print Specials

We’re proud that our tools are being made here in the USA

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