Here at Cobra Carbide, we feel that it’s important to contact our customers to ensure that our products are living up to not only the standards that we set, but to their standards as well.

In order to accomplish this goal, we set out to follow up with any recent customers about their purchases and if they have positively affected running times, product quality, or to find out if our tools have lasted longer on the line than previous tools used.

The results are usually substantial.

Before we get into specifics, let’s take a look at a customer who was so excited about the performance of our tools that he sent in a video almost immediately after purchase:

Good morning and happy Tuesday to everyone! We hope you’re having a wonderful start to your day!Check out this video sent in by one of our happy customers satisfied with our great 4 Flute ADDER series Endmill.Although there isn’t much going on in the video, it was still the satisfaction the customer felt that is important to us.

Now for some technical talk:

High Speed Machining
Here are some specs that were sent in by customers regarding our 1/2? ADDER Series Endmills:

Customer #1

  • Use: Traditional Climb Cutting
  • Material: 4130
  • Speeds & Feeds
    • Revolutions per Minute: 3200
    • Chip Load per Tooth: 100 inches / minute
    • Axial depth of cut: .400?
    • Radial depth of cut: .200?
  • Our tool ran for 8 hours – unheard of by these standards for this customer

Customer #2

  • Material: 4130
  • Previous Speeds & Feeds
    • 2380 RPM and 29 inches / minute
  • Increased with our ADDER
    • 6500 RPM and 105 inches / minute
    • Depth of Cut Axial: 1?
    • Depth of Cut Radial: 1.25?
  • Previously (on a competitor’s tool) could only run 1/2 Diameter of the Tool.

Customer #3

  • Material: Carbon Steel 1018
  • Ran our Adder at 510? per minute
  • Radial Depth of Cut: .250?
  • Axial Depth of Cut: 1.25?
  • RPM: 8200

These numbers should be substantial if you’re a machinist. For most tools, times like this with this efficiency is almost unheard of. Our Adder series is one that you have to see for yourself.

7/16? Diameter Black Mamba High Performance Coolant-Fed Drills
Recently, a customer gave us the comparison between one of our national competitors, our drill is so well constructed that it lasted through more than 200 holes drilled.

Needless to say, if we were to name the competitor that was out-shined, they would likely be furious. Keeping their reputation intact, we can say that we are very proud of this Black Mamba design. It proves itself time and time again. We highly recommend anyone who wants to see what high-performance really is, to just try out this powerful drill.

We guarantee our drill against any competitor – with confidence. Here at Cobra Carbide, we are consistently receiving positive feedback on this great tool.