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Brief Overview:

A Step Above the Rest

When it comes to milling and other CNC applications, only the best tools will ensure costs stay low and productivity stays high. In order to keep these goals within reach, it’s important to learn which products will suit your needs, no matter the demands.

Over the last year, we have added a 3xD, 5xD, & 8xD non-Coolant drills, mirroring our Black mamba specs for those that need high-performance without coolant applications.

Coolant-Fed drills are important for many applications due to their increased capabilities in removing chips from your cut.

There’s nothing more discouraging than recutting chips and potentially ruining the product being worked on. Not only are these drills more effective in certain applications, there are reasons to choose BLACK MAMBA coolant-fed over our competition.

Our BLACK MAMBA drills simply out-perform and outlast any competitor’s drills. Even with all of these great features, we keep the prices at a very VERY reasonable price. We can guarantee our Carbide drill to not only “grip and rip” with confidence, but will do so for a longer amount of time.

Solid Carbide vs. Other Metals

There are typically three types of metals that are used for creating cutting tools. They are: High-Speed Steel, Cobalt, Carbide-tipped / Solid Carbide. Each of these will always have a place in our industry.

Cobra Carbide has teamed up with the top suppliers in our industry to provide the solid carbide best blanks available, allowing our products to flourish as the best in the cutting tool industry.

Due to our advanced geometries, we assure that our tools will replace your current favorite and outlast them in tool life.

Less Tool Changes = Higher Productivity = Lower Costs = No Brainer!

We have products for any application and will custom-make those we don’t carry!

Why Choose Cobra Carbide?

Our improvements to the geometric design drastically increase the effectiveness of Axial and Radial cutting, while speeding up your overall surface footage. Cobra Carbide creates tools that have the highest penetration rates, decrease cycle times, and will increase your product quality.

Cobra Carbide is the premier provider of Solid Carbide Endmills, Drills, Reamers, Burrs, Inserts and Made to Print Specials

We’re proud that our tools are being made here in the USA

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