Second to NONE: Simply the best available on the market.

Adders are used for slotting, shoulder milling & high feed milling. The geometric design is suitable for roughing and finishing through a wide range of materials. Not only this, but the flute geometry has been specially designed to increase stability, reduce chatter, and smooth the cutting action. This is a tool that you can take from start to finish; it can handle anything you throw at it.

We currently offer this line in a 4 Flute design, a 5 Flute design is being developed.

This tool has been tested and proven to outperform many of the top competitors in the industry today. Not only that, but we have found the tool life to far exceed customer expectation; in both conventional and high-speed milling applications.

In this industry, no news is good news, but the tremendous response of positive feedback for our Adder is astonishing. This is one tool you have to see in action to believe.

Below we have a video sent in from a satisfied customer, using a 3/8? 4 Flute Adder:

Not many companies can say they are an innovator in their field. We develop our own geometric designs, apply next generation coatings with our sister-company, Advanced Coating Technologies, and manufacture everything here in sunny Southern California.

Our improvements to the geometric design drastically increase the effectiveness of Axial and Radial cutting, while speeding up your overall surface footage. Cobra Carbide creates tools that have the highest penetration rates, decrease cycle times, and will increase your product quality.

There are typically three types of metals that are used for creating cutting tools. They are: High-Speed Steel, Cobalt, Carbide-tipped / Solid Carbide. Each of these will always have a place in our industry.

Cobra Carbide has teamed up with the top suppliers in our industry to provide the solid carbide best blanks available, allowing our products to flourish as the best in the cutting tool industry.

Due to our advanced geometries, we assure that our tools will replace your current favorite and outlast them in tool life.

Cobra Carbide should be your first choice for the best Carbide Endmills, Drills, reamers, and Burrs.